The Good Gentleman’s Tonic

The Dream

Once upon a time Des Horsfall had a Dream. A Dream about a Musical Key.

He foresaw his Rock and Roll Future, and his Inspiration was Ronnie Lane.

“The Good Gentleman’s Tonic”

Part 1 of a trilogy of albums dedicated to the music of Ronnie Lane and the band Slim Chance.

Valve Analogue Recordings VAR CD001 

Distributed in the UK by Proper Music Distribution.

“First pass through ‘The Good Gentleman’s Tonic’ made me grin like a fool, put a tear in my eye and even made the hair stand up on my arms. Nothing has touched my heart like this album. What was needed wasn’t someone who did a good imitation of Ronnie Lane, or was handy with a resonator- it’s the soul, the vibe, the spirit of the little bugger…and Des Horsfall has nailed it completely in this bunch of songs”.

Brian Robbins (Relix Magazine USA)


This is a killer record… KILLER! Pete Townshend