A veteran roots-rocker singer-songwriter, Horsfall’s a bit of a fan of the late Ronnie Lane, the former Small Faces bassist who went on to form Slim Chance. Indeed, his band (which features Andy McKerlie and Katriona Gilmore) is named after Lane’s 1979 single and signature tune while he says the title of the album is a rough translation from the Romany. In a way it does. Rye derives from the word for a lord while a Romany Rye, the title of George Borrow’s autobiographical 19th century novel, means someone of standing who associates with gypsies, or, to put it another way, a Gypsy Gentleman. So, Kuschty is a variation of Kushty from the old English Romany word for ‘happiness’ that could easily be a tonic. There, that’s your lesson in word origins for today….read more

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  1. Nice explanation. Kushty is a variant spelling of ‘Cushti’ or ‘Kushti’. Londoners still use the word to denote something that makes you happy or is generally good. A Rye such as Peckham Rye (s London) denotes a gypsy (romany) encampment.

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