Great Artists/Musicians with Whom Des is Currently Working

A very exciting new collaboration is with Ronnie Lane’s original band Slim Chance in which Des is now a featured guest.

Also Des is showing his Rock credentials in a new project with Neil Howarth ex Dirty Tryx bassist and songwriter.

‘Available Jones’ are currently recording songs for a new album; a fine example if which is here:

‘Wonderland Avenue’

Des continues to work periodically, with Dan Raza (duo)

Tim O’Connor (duo) www.timoconnor

On these shows there will be a selection of songs from each songwriter

e.g. Des & Dan or Des& Tim interspersed with Ronnie songs.

Also Des will continue to work with friends, and other featured players such as Andy Mckerlie, Chris Turner and Simon Othen.

‘Deutsche’ KUSCHTY RYE

Des’s long time friend Pete Mayhew assembled a fantastic band of musicians to play Bardentreffen Ansbach.

Des was so pleased with how the band ‘gelled’; and worked together;  he has invited them to be what is essentially a German KUSCHTY RYE.


Jochen Sorg-BASS
Udo Seidel-KEYS
Sig Mayhew-VOCALS
Norbert Dentressangle-ACCORDION
Uwe WeihererDRUMS
Pete Mayhew-GUITAR