I’d like to add a heartfelt thanks to my band….Andy Mckerlie, Chris Turner and Conor ‘Bin Bag’ Lawrence

for giving their time and skill for nowt. Well done chaps!!

Many thanks to everyone who turned up (on a freezing cold night) at the Trades Club last Friday January 13th to support our fundraiser for Multiple Sclerosis in memory of the great Ronnie Lane. We had a rockin’ night with the full band and guest fiddler Becky Taylor  . Thanks to our fabulous opening act The Tragettes …check’em out. We raised 100 smackeroos plus 30 smackereenos (similar to a smackeroo) in contributions from recent Kuschty Rye album sales (£1/album). So..£130 is on its way to the MS trust:)

Hello KR followers,

Here is a round-up of all the things going on at the moment.


Our fantastic album distributors have printed a neat little half page article about the CD in the latest issue of their retailers magazine, ‘Properganda.’ You should be able to pick up your free copy when you visit your  local record shop. We actively encourage everyone to support their local independent record dealer wherever possible. These are usually great places to have a friendly chat with staff who really care about music. I’ve discovered that when they get to know what you like, they will usually point you in the right direction when new releases are imminent. In my opinion, it’s a much more rewarding experience than spending lonely hours in front of the computer browsing the internet. I usually get offered a nice cup of tea too. Big thanks for several brews over the years to Sid at Muse in Hebden Bridge, Elliot at Wall Of Sound in Huddersfield, and Steve and Phil at Badlands in Cheltenham.

As well as the magazine, Proper Music have put up a separate online article about the album which you can read by clicking on the link below.


In other news, Pete Townshend, who kindly let us use his quote (“This is a killer record…KILLER!”) in the KR publicity material, is delivering the first John Peel Lecture on BBC 6 Music at 7pm next Monday 31 October. Click on link below for details. Knowing PT,  his speech will be highly entertaining and definitely well worth a listen. We recommend that you make a note of it in your diaries. Mr Townshend’s lecture is part of the 2011 Radio Festival being held at The Lowry in Salford. The Festival itself is for the benefit of all the people who work in the radio industry. With this in mind, we are producing a special promo CD version of the album which will be inserted into all the delegate bags for those attending.  The promo package will also include a leaflet which features Pete’s quote and excerpts from all the great press reviews the album has received. As usual a sachet of Yorkshire Gold tea will be included. Hopefully this exercise will help the album to gain more airplay. I will try to remember to send you all a PDF version of the leaflet next week. In the meantime, please feel free to badger your favourite radio station to play a track or two.


Des and Andy, performing as KR Acoustic, will be embarking on a short, but busy, jaunt around Scotland this weekend. See link below for details.

Thanks to everyone for your interest and continued support.

A House Concert?

In a nutshell, it’s a bit like a Tupperware party where the band is the Tupperware:

A website (from a House Concert host) explains what the concept is all about.

There are others; just google ‘house concerts’

If this is for you; then get in touch, we’d love to come and play at yours.


Gigs involving the full band conclude with the Puzzle Hall ‘Americana Festival’ on July 2nd. However, sporadic ‘full band’ gigs will still occur from time to time.

KUSCHTY RYE Acoustic are now booking shows from October onwards with potential summer shows/festivals possible.


TGGT is gaining airplay all over the shop…

Currently ‘Album of the Week’ on Celtic Music Radio with accompanying interview.

Check press page..