Rick Shea is a fine songwriter and guitar player from California. He’s had a rich and varied career that included a seven year stint with Dave Alvin.   I had the pleasure of playing a gig with Rick recently.

Check …

Des Horsfall

Des Horsfall has played with various Roots/Country-Rock band line-ups since the late 70s, and has had, in his own words, “a few skirmishes with fame”.
In the mid 80s he fronted Blues-Rock band ‘Raw Deal’ that was managed by the

‘Deutsche’ KUSCHTY RYE

Des’s long time friend Pete Mayhew assembled a fantastic band of musicians to play Bardentreffen Ansbach.

Des was so pleased with how the band ‘gelled’; and worked together;  he has invited them to be what is essentially a German KUSCHTY …




       ” This is a killer record…KILLER! ”  

                                     Pete Townshend


…..the only quote you’d ever need!




Thanks to everyone in the Highlands who made our tour special.

Myself and Simon had a jolly jape. New friends, new places….more next


Special thanks to Rob & Ann.

See you again soon!!